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Indica plants are short, usually under six feet, and have fat deep green leaves. Indicas originate from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and the surrounding areas. The high from a quality indica strain leaves you relaxed and social. The stronger varieties will numb your body and put you to sleep. Great for relaxation, stress relief, and couchlock.

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    Blue Cheese (Quad)

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    Death Bubba (AAA)

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    Master Kush Organic Rosin Nuken Indica Master Kush
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    Zed Budder

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Indica strains are generally thought of as being much calmer and relaxing than when compared with sativa strains. Indica will have you chilling with friends in no time, whereas sativa will often wake your body up. Plus, they’re the perfect strains for relieving pesky aches and pains you may be experiencing.

The name indica originally referred to the geographical area (India) in which this marijuana plant was grown. Indica strains differ from sativa strains in key areas such as height and stature, intermodal length, leaf size and structure, bud size and density, flowering time, odor, smoke, and effects. Indica plants tend to grow shorter and bushier than the sativa plants and have wide, short leaves with short wide blades, whereas sativa strains have long leaves with thin long blades. The buds of indica strains tend to be wide, dense and bulk, while sativa strains are likely to be long, sausage-shaped flowers.

Indica strains are known for their beneficial physical effects such as relief from muscle aches, spasms and pain, headache and migraine pain, reduction of seizures, anxiety and stress relief, general body pain relief, and easing insomnia symptoms, whereas sativa is better known for providing a strong and uplifting “head high”, generating feelings of well-being, euphoria, and feelings of ease.

If you are smoking indica for the first time a good rule of thumb is to know ‘sativa will keep you chatting and indica will stop you talking ‘. The effects of a true blooded Indica can be devastating and overpowering. The high can be instant and there can be feelings of heaviness and couch lock. You can experience heavy eyes and dry mouth as well as a huge boost in appetite, which will not enhance energy levels so much. The cerebral effects of Indica cannabis can be very relaxing also and not long lasting as pure Sativa strains can be.

The taste of a ground-up bud will be somewhat pungent and sharp and, in many cases, fruity. Indica buds when being burnt in a joint will have a strong dankness to them and will fill the air with a thick musky sour smoke. When eaten as an edible, the effects can be much longer lasting with a narcotic similarity.

As far as bag appeal is concerned, indica buds will appear small and dense and may appear you did not get as much as the sativa strain weight wise. A gram of high-grade indica kush in Amsterdam or California does not go very far or last very long but due to the moorish quality these buds have, you will find yourself wanting more and more. At one-time Indica strains would contain around 15-18% THC and a CBD of 0.2, however nowadays some of the Kush strains have been tested at over 30% putting indica strains on par with those powerful sativa strains.

Choosing between the two strains is a totally personal thing, someone can’t tell you which one you will enjoy more!

Bud's Tip #04532: Pay attention to the strain of weed you're using.