We’re setting the industry-standard for CBD Isolate – and you’re going to love it! Our 99.9% pure, pharma-grade, water-soluble CBD isolate is a game-changer. It’s easier than ever to dissolve it into any water-based mixture, such as your favourite beverage – from coffee, tea, soft drinks, to simply tap water. All you have to do is measure, mix (into pretty much anything you want), and take… It’s that easy, and that versatile. Enjoy zero negative side effects, just pure CBD goodness!

Note: This product is not designed to be added to vape distillate or any oil based products.

1 gram of Bud Lab 99.9% Pure CBD Isolate = 999mg of CBD

BudLab Product Callout

GMP Organic CBD Certified Badge
Pharma Grade Certified CBD Badge
Water Soluble CBD Badge