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As a premier Grade-A cannabis strain, Blueberry Kush (80% Indica / 20% Sativa) has earned itself a place on the Mount Rushmore of marijuana strains. In 2000, it was even recognized as the Best Indica strain by the High Times’ Cannabis Cup.

This strain got its name from the blueberry aroma it emanates, as well as its dark-ish color. Its effects are many, but the most common experience is a long-lasting sense of euphoria. Patients around the world view Blueberry as an incredibly powerful strain because it has an innate ability to suppress pain and relieve stress. On the other hand, marijuana connoisseurs, growers and experts admire the strain for its bright hue and incredibly high THC content.

Historically speaking, the Blueberry Kush strain finds its origin in the late 1970’s, when an American breeder struck gold when he combined two extremely foreign plants. The genetics of the Blueberry Kush strain are some of the most cultivated and cloned of any plant in the world.

Strain Flavour Profile:

Blueberry flavour
Sweet flavoured weed
Berry flavoured weed